Thursday, 21 June 2012

Happy -528th Birthday, Professor Bernice Summerfield!

A fabulous character in the New Adventures and beyond, Professor Bernice Summerfield will be born on 21st July, 2540 – or will be twenty years old this October, according to choice.

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To celebrate, here are the complete New Adventures.

Though Benny did have another twenty-odd of her own.

And more books from Big Finish.

And many, many more audio adventures.

But as I realised when setting these out, the New Adventures already cover rather more ground than I thought they did.

We’re going to need a bigger photo…


  1. Loving this blog already!

    Should that be June 21st in this blogpost though? She was born at midsummer!

  2. Thank you!

    I hope you'll join us on it :D

    And while different books have different accounts of her day, year and even century of birth, official sources and Simon's fabulous the Big Book of Benny come down on June 21st, 2540. Though she is defined by unreliable diaries.